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EAC Class Description


A high INTENSITY, high volume strength training and body sculpting group exercise class.. This is a endurance training class designed to promote muscular endurance, muscular strength and increase definition. Designed for all levels of fitness. This class focuses on the many aspects of fitness training. Great for students embarking on a new fitness program or the seasoned individual looking for spot training ideas. The class may change intentions weekly to accommodate all aspects of functional training. Syllabus includes: functional stretch, endurance training, cardio training, weight lifting, core conditioning and many other related fitness practices.


Join Sydney for the perfect pairing of ballet basics along with barre strength. Class is geared toward those with little or no prior instruction, so don't be intimidated! Sydney will utilize the open space for introductory ballet instruction, as well as our ballet barre for a whole body strength workout.


This class is designed to accommodate many different levels. The instructors tailor each class to meet the needs of the participants. In the past, the instructors have focused on basic swimming instruction of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly; correcting specific stroke problems; drills; lap swimming; and interval training. This class is small with 2 instructors per class.


A multi-level workout for all ages. Students can work at their own level of fitness and tone every part of their body using additional upper/lower body flotation and resistance equipment. Great for non-traditional enthusiasts looking for strengthening and flexibility, fat burning and overall fitness.


Interested in cycling, but not sure you want a full class of it? Looking to get your butt kicked like never before? By utilizing the new watt bikes and the classroom space, this class pairs short bursts of cycling (hills, springs, steady state rides) with high intensity strength and cardio circuits. This class isn't just for the super fit - as long as you have the drive to push, you'll enjoy and see the benefit of this energizing and challenging class.


In this high energy class, Rachel sandwiches 20 minutes of cycling between a rotating and surprise mixture of 20 minutes kickboxing, strength, bootcamp, cardio, core & more. You’ll never know what to expect – keeping your body on its toes! This is meant to be a FUN class with great music and vibe, with the added benefit of a kick-ass workout. The perfect way to wind down the work week and start the weekend off right!


"Contrology" was Joseph Pilates' preferred name for his method, and it was based on the idea of muscle control. "Nothing about the Pilates Method is haphazard. The reason you need to concentrate so thoroughly is so you can be in control of every aspect of every moment."All exercises are done with control, the muscles working to lift against gravity and the resistance of the springs and thereby control the movement of the body and the apparatus. "The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy."


In this class, you’ll use specific breathing techniques to allow you to explore basic and intermediate yoga poses. Each class will include a guided meditation to assist in focusing the mind. This is a great class to begin your Sunday mornings!


Hatha Yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga. HA means sun and THA means moon. A blending of these two energies (masculine & feminine) are accomplished during a practice of this kind. The class is geared to anyone who is interested in gaining more strength and flexibility through yoga's offerings and is especially beneficial for those 45 and up -but no one will be turned away for lack of age! Participants also benefit from a general sense of well being due to the attention given to areas that are usually ignored (especially depth of breath), or not even felt in ones body from the stress of life's demands. The class is open to all levels. Come and experience it for yourself!


In this yoga class, we will start by setting an intention, followed by a physical practice and ending with breath work and meditation. This Hatha-based yoga class is designed to help you find internal balance appropriate to the season, and keep you moving in rhythm with your breath. This class is open to all levels of practitioners


A well-balanced class beginning with centering, core strengtheners, standing and seated postures suitable for new or experienced students. The emphasis is on flowing sequences, and using the breath to increase the connection between body, mind and spirit. Instruction, adjustments and refinements are woven through each class to increase understanding of the asanas (postures).


These are powerful sessions that specialize in everyone connecting with the power of the present moment, through staying connected with the breath. Pure yoga allows our body and minds to flow in and out of the poses. You don’t have to be experienced to enjoy the benefits – Jessica offers many options and variations for the poses that gives everyone an opportunity to perform them to the degree that is best for that individual.


The pillars of VINYASA are breath, strength, integrity, and spirit. One of the newer yoga disciplines, Yoga specifically addresses the modern stresses and challenges, both physical and emotional, that our bodies and minds face today. Yoga is a FLUID practice that connects you to your core, using unique abdominal sequences and long pose holds to develop physical and mental strength with honesty and compassionate self-awareness.


We begin by connecting to fundamental alignment principals that will ground us in the body and allow us to flow dynamically with our breath. This morning class will explore yoga from a deep level of focus. The postures will focus on alignment, breath, and opening. This class is a great way to deepen your practice and greet your day!


In this class, we hold and explore supported postures that promote relaxation of body and mind. A great way to de-stress and unwind and start the week off fresh!

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