Ask about our additional services, activities and programs.

Massage Therapy

Is a century old practice that is beneficial for all ages. It is a very important part of pain relief and tissue healing, as well as promoting general well-being. Our massage therapists are dedicated to providing the highest standard of healing and wellness. Massage services range from advanced clinical pain treatment to deep relaxation and stress management.

Personal Training

Let our personal trainers help you. Use individual guidance from an EASC trainer to develop a fitness plan that’s best for you in achieving your goals.

Synchronized swim classes

(USA Artistic Swimming) Learn basic synchronized swimming skills. Build strength, endurance, poise, flexibility, balance and teamwork all set to music. Instruction is provided by award winning certified USA Artistic Swimming Coaches with over 50+ years of combined experience as instructors and performers.

Swim team

We swim year-round, and always welcome new swimmers! For more information or to arrange a tryout, email us at dolphins.swimming.coaches@gmail.com

Weekly Summer Music & Swim Camps



Full-day (9am-3pm) weekly camps for kids ages 4-9 exploring music, lunch, recess, swim instruction & pool play. During this week long camp, kids 4-9 spend one half of their day exploring music and after lunch & recess in the heated EASC pool for swim instruction and organized play. Kids explore the world of sound in an enriching, fun environment that offers hands-on experiences with instruments and introduces them to sounds from around the world.

Private Swim Instruction

Learn to Swim or Improve Your Swim Skills Children and Adult classes. Many levels are available from beginner to advanced. Children are placed into appropriate level after evaluation by instructors.

Pool Rental for Groups/Parties

Inquire about our unique space available for Groups, Private Parties and Birthday parties. The pool can be made available weekdays during late mornings or after hours on weekends.


EASC offers a variety of short and long-term membership options. We can help you find the membership option that fits your needs. All memberships include all amenities of the club including cardio equipment, free weights, basic group fitness classes, pool, steam, towel service and locker rooms.
Please contact us for prices or submit your information on the form for a free Day Pass

Martial Arts

Maktan – Filipino martial Arts program is a dedication to the Philippine legacy that reflects the variety of combative self-defense systems Filipino Martial Arts can offer to the community. Become part of a journey that strives to grow in perfection of “your” martial arts through a common quest for physical fitness, broadening the mind and learn an authentic Filipino Martial Arts Program.

Family Music Class presented by Merry Music Makers

Group music classes offer research-based curriculum for babies, toddlers and big kids to sing and move to the beat with their favorite grown-ups and neighbors.  Sing, Dance and Play with your little one and neighbors during this Music Together Class that includes a range of musical experience where everyone participates at their own level. Try A Class For Freeand then join us for the session where we explore songs that draw from favorite folk tunes mixed with sounds from around the globe.

Group Fitness

All group fitness classes are included in your membership unless stated on class schedule. Please see updated schedule for classes, times and additional cost for select classes.

Steam Room

Take advantage of the benefits of steaming 2-3 times per week. 10-20 minutes at a time can improve circulation, promote skin health, aid in workout recovery, loosen stiff joints, reduce stress, open up sinuses and burn calories, boost your immune system and remove toxins.  It helps sooth sore muscles and can also help with recovery from strength and endurance training.  Just be sure to drink plenty of water as its important to stay hydrated to make up for any water your body is losing.

T’ai Chi / Qigong with Ivy Tuesdays & Thursdays

T’ai Chi Chuan is a martial art but it is also a health practice, an exercise routine, a balanced brain-sleep enhancer and stress reliever. (modern spelling “Taijiquan or Taiji”) Chi Kung is the meditative root of T’ai Chi that for years was the hidden secret to deeper t’ai chi benefits. The secret is out now! With every class and home review these practices improve the way you move, walk, turn, react and recover your balance in everything you do. Beginners Welcome! Taiji and Qigong always welcome you and each time you practice in class and at home you become a little more graceful, softer (gentler) and stronger in an easy, nurturing way.
Our slogan No pain- much gain.